EGaudience - Practitioners

Employers: what functional skills can do for you

Workplace initial assessment

CPD Module 7 Developing the personal maths skills of teachers and assessors - Introduction and programme overview for trainers

Teach Too: Reading College: collaborating with employers to deliver maths in the context of the Green Car Project

Construction & the built environment: vocational maths guide

showing a learner cutting hair in a salon

Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy: vocational maths guide

Health and social care: vocational maths guide

Hospitality and catering: vocational maths guide

learner exploring transformations using cut-out shapes on a grid

Supporting GCSE maths in the post-16 sector: videos

Supporting vocational maths in the post-16 sector

CPD Modules [Level 5] for teachers of maths and English GCSE resits

Embedding English, literacy and employability in vocational courses Lambeth Adult Learning

Grantham College: Functional Maths Poster

Maths worksheets to engage learners following a sports-related vocation - Central College Nottingham

Preparation for Life and Work - SEEVIC

OTLA case study of an operational project on paired peer observations led by Redbridge Institute

CPD Module 12d Developing functional mathematics with vocational learners - Training the trainers

Using the self assessment process to improve the quality of English and maths provision

CPD Module Improving initial and diagnostic assessment for functional skills

CPD Module Integrating maths, English and ICT into apprenticeship programmes

CPD Module Designing and delivering programmes using blended learning approaches

CPD Module Approaches to the formative and summative assessment of functional skills

CPD Modules Developing functional mathematics with vocational learners

CPD Module 2 Mind the gap: Employers - identifying skills gaps

CPD Module 1a Employers-Introducing Functional Skills

CPD Module 12a Developing functional mathematics with vocational learners - Handling data

CPD Module 12b Developing functional mathematics with vocational learners - Number concepts

CPD Module 12c Developing functional mathematics with vocational learners - Common measures shape and space

CPD Module 13 Using ICT to support English and maths

CPD Module 15 An introduction to teaching English and maths together

CPD Module 4 Does it add up: Maths engagement in the workplace - employer focus

CPD Module 6 Blended learning approaches

CPD Module 9 Target setting for functional skills

Embedding maths and English in technical and vocational programmes

Embedding maths and English in vocational and technical education

Assessment for Learning - Effective Practice Guidelines

Developing Grit on GCSE Programmes

Learner’s perspectives on the use of online resources for increasing confidence in GCSE maths.

Will our Virtual Maths Centre (Maths Central) increase learner confidence and greater success in maths skills?

Will completing an additional formative assessment tool, prior to undertaking practice tests, help to improve pass rates for Functional Skills Maths L2?

The impact of using online resources on apprentices’ Functional Skills achievement.

Using Technology to support the Functional Maths for 16-18 year old Apprentice students in the workplace

Re-sitting GCSE Maths; do growth mindset messages make a difference?

To develop a practical and engaging initial assessment maths tool for learners at Entry 2 and below, that will engage learners whilst providing accurate and relevant information.

Matching the Words to the Calculations – Making Sense of Functional Skills Questions and Tasks.

Investigate blended/distance learning as part of the curriculum offer for maths to increase enrolments and retention.

Effective practice in the delivery and teaching of English and Mathematics to 16-18 year olds

Effective practice in the delivery and teaching of English and Mathematics to 16-18 year olds: case studies

New Subject Content Functional Skills Maths

Improving the delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships

Improving engagement and attainment in maths and English courses: insights from behavioural research

Improving Level 2 English and maths outcomes for 16 to 18 year olds Literature review

Digital Approaches to Maths and English Teaching

Reimagining assessment and tracking in maths and English: a review of the wider literature supporting the need for change

Decisions on Functional Skills reform

Functional Skills Reform Factsheet

Online Modules Maths Pathway: Free online training and self-evaluation tools to develop your personal maths skills at level 2, with some extension to level 3

Mathematics in Further Education Colleges (MiFEC) Summer Update 2018

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Attainment Gap Report

Online Module Maths and English Assessment and Tracking

inTuition English Supplement & Poster: Exploring developments in English education and training

inTuition Maths Supplement & Poster: Exploring developments in maths education and training