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This page brings together the latest published resources and research in the delivery of maths in Further Education and Training. You will also find a selection of courses on offer as part of the Shaping Success programme and a list of useful events.

For further information contact our Regional Specialist Leads who support practitioners through professional development in maths and English and can signpost you to the activities and resources that best suit your needs.


Key opportunities and information on events delivered by your Regional Specialist Leads and other leading organisations in Further Education

Collaborative Practice Development Day Liverpool, Wednesday 3rd April, Durham, Wednesday 10th April, Leeds, Wednesday 24th April, 2019 Do you want to engage your learners, build their confidence and help them to stick with it and succeed using approaches tried and tested by practitioners? Join us for this collaborative practice development day. There will be workshops drawing on a range of popular Shaping Success Maths and English courses including phonics, update your digital skills and maths mastery approaches. There will also be opportunities to develop your digital skills, network with your peers and discuss approaches.

Key publications

Key publications for practitioners delivering and/or managing maths courses in Further Education

NEW! Functional Skills Reform Factsheet English and mathematics Functional Skills qualifications are both respected and well-known. They help students to gain important real world skills for the future. Starting in September 2019, the current qualifications will be replaced by reformed Functional Skills qualifications to make them even more relevant and credible for the world of work. The content of the reformed qualifications is more specific and detailed than before. It will be easier to compare Functional Skills with other qualifications.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Attainment Gap Report This report assesses the attainment gap through the lens, first, of children and young people; and secondly, of schools, as well as early years and post16 settings. It highlights and summarises what we believe to be the key issues, and how our analysis of them informs our practical work with teachers and senior leaders.

Continual Professional Development

Current opportunities for continual professional development relating to maths in Further Education

Maths Pathways Free online modules and self-evaluation tools to develop your personal maths skills at level 2, with some extension to level 3 (both Functional Skills and GCSE). Engagement in these tools will guide practitioners in prioritising developmental needs which can then be supported by the courses provided by the Education and Training Foundation.

Future Leadership webinar series - Maths & English: what success looks like Available from Monday 1st April, 2019 Future Leadership - shaping a new generation of work-based learning & FE. 'Maths & English what success looks like' is part of a series of 10 recorded webinars. The two expert guest speakers are: Mike Ellicock, formerly Managing Director at Numicon, now CEO at the National Numeracy charity. Dr Tim Strickland, CEO FE Sussex, has led Sussex colleges' research into improving maths and English outcomes.

To browse all webinars on the maths and English Pipelines please click here.

Spotlight on resources

Exciting new resources for the management and/or delivery of maths in Further Education

Intuition Maths Supplement The summer issue of inTuition (32) features a maths supplement exploring developments in mathematics education and training. The supplement includes: Making maths bear fruit for learners. Boosting your knowledge to teach inspiring maths. Helping students with the most severe needs. How to seize the digital opportunities.

Improving the delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships This multimodal guide aims to support practitioners, trainers, assessors and managers working with apprentices to improve their delivery of maths and English. It provides the latest policy updates on apprenticeship reforms and addresses key challenges around teaching, learning and assessment. The guide also provides links to a wide range of resources and CPD training to support effective delivery of maths and English in apprenticeships.