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Increasing provision in English and maths through strategic planning

Four good practice case studies of further education and skills providers offering 16–19 study programmes: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/increasing-provision-in-english-and-mathematics-through-planning

New specifications for GCSE Maths were introduced in 2015. The reforms mean the qualification is more academically stretching with a linear exam. There are more challenging questions for the most able to properly test their understanding of the mathematical knowledge needed for higher level study and careers in mathematics, the sciences and computing. Improving maths teaching and learning by addressing these challenges is a priority area for the Education and Training Foundation. These changes require new teaching approaches to ensure success in learning and higher levels of achievement. 

We want to stimulate the development and sharing of effective teaching resources as well as providing access to the best of legacy material available in the Excellence Gateway and other sources.

To further support your professional development needs, the Foundation has Regional Specialist Leads for maths and a range of professional development courses.  Watch our short film ‘Helping you to deliver Excellent maths and English’.


This exhibition site brings together some of the most effective maths materials available on the Excellence Gateway, as well as brand new material that will be of interest to practitioners, managers and leaders across the sector.

Featured resources

Resources for practitioners:

The Excellence Gateway contains a wealth of maths resources for practitioners. Learning materials are a major part of this but there are also many resources for professional development and guidance.

In addition to assessment tools there are resources here for practitioners to improve their own knowledge and skills.

Resources for managers:

If you are a manager charged with developing maths (and English) provision the Excellence Gateway offers you a variety of supporting resources to smooth the process.  We present here a selection of those but more are available through searching the main Gateway site.

Resources for workbased learning:

The Excellence Gateway contains resources to support learning providers in delivering maths and functional skills within vocational programmes and work-based learning.  This is particularly important given the need to ensure all learners achieve a level 2 qualification.

News and events:

On this page we will bring you the latest news and events related to maths. The Foundation will be organising regular workshops on improving maths delivery in a variety of contexts.